Technical Information

  • Stainless steel body without visible screws coated with standard white epoxy paint or custom colour.
  • Combustion and flashback chamber in stainless steel.
  • High efficiency heat exchanger made from stainless steel.
  • Choice of Automatic oil burner, natural gas or LPG.
  • For Domestic Oil unit an 65 litre integral fuel tank with gauge is standard.
  • Sealed electrical cabinet with ‘Settings’ control: Ventilation only – Stop – Heating + ventilation. (With protective fuses).
  • Sealed in-room thermostat automatically controls the operation of the heat source.
  • Direct access doors to the electrical and thermal compartment, as well as built-in oil tank
  • Centrifugal high-pressure fan very silent IP55.
  • Stainless steel rain barrier grill and rodent grill.
  • Air grille with self-closing valve.
  • Raised base serving as a retention tank.
  • Possibility to reverse the positioning of the blowing grids and recovery according to the needs
  • Approved CE heating units.
  • Supplied with chimney and room thermostat.

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