How does the WarmAir space heating system work?

Its operation is very simple! When you want to swim, turn on your WarmAir heater. Come back 15 minutes later and enjoy your swim!
Once you reach the set desired temperature, the thermostat starts to keep it until you decide to turn it off. Easy !

How about the installation?

The installation of the WarmAir system simple and fast. A team come to your home and install it in just one day.

The heater will be placed with your agreement on a fixed part of your pool room, outside, generally in the fixed gable end or on the side. The gas or oil supply and the electric cable must be available. Once its location position is approved, the team takes care of the positioning and connecting to the enclosure. A professional makes the connection to the energy supply – oil or gas.

A window is cut in your enclosure for the ventilation grill.

You do not lose any room inside and you can then enjoy an air temperate up to 35°C!

Is it energy intensive?


The WarAir system is economical heating according to your use.
For example with the oil unit, its built-in tank can hold 65 liters or one month of heating before filling it again.

I have children, should I take extra precautions?


The unit has a stainless steel body that prevents the body from heating. Its great resistance allows of course to resist all weather and the humidity. The chimney is double skinned and remains cool. The ventilation grid placed inside the enclosure remains cool. Your children can play and approach safely.

I am a professional, can I benefit?


We have enough options to heat your clients pool houses! Call us for a tailor-made quote.

How can I benefit?


As you can see, the WarmAir system allows you to use your pool 365 days a year, at least three times more than before. You make more daily use of your expensive pool investment.

Think of your own enjoyment, happiness with your children, your grandchildren, both for fun and exercise.